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    Dreaming larger, aspiring to be better, and accomplishing something that requires the commitment of extending personal limits… Be Bold!

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    Breaking Records

    Jenny Crain: Make it Happen

    This is the Jenny Crain: Make it Happen marathon team in which we broke the World Record for most marathoners tethered together.

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    Athletic Mind provides many different levels of services that are customized to fit the needs of the client. Ready to begin?

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Understanding your passions, finding inspiration, and discovering the physical and mental strengths that already are inside of you, are at the core of the Performance Consulting and Life Coaching services that Athletic Mind, LLC provides.

Cheri Cope

Meet Cheri…

Cheri began her career as a mental health counselor for Milwaukee Psychiatric Hospital. Her passion for sports and thirst for continual education brought her to a place where she began to devote herself to increasing her skill set to include athletic-minded and goal-oriented people. Today, Cheri’s practice includes helping individual athletes, teams and businesses in the areas of  motivation and performance enhancement, career and life transitions, and overall life/sport fulfillment. She believes that sport and other high-performance pursuits are wonderful mediums for providing a sense of purpose and continuous challenge.

“What is truly inspiring is watching an athlete of all levels find that extra gear within themselves, and use it to break through mental and physical barriers, accomplish goals that they never dreamed were possible, and find new levels of success that are within them.  This new level is only found when having to dig deeper and find through heart and sheer determination.  Once someone has experienced this and becomes aware that this extra gear exists within them, there are no limits to what they can do.” 

- Cheri Cope, M.S.

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